Meet Diana B the Girl of your Dreams...

About the Author

Belimeloquoise.4.It girl.phillie cheesteak.poetry.smiling.playful.caring.dependable.sweet.inspiring.lovable.greatfriend. LAUGHING HAHA!!!.6th grade.energetic.funny.outgoing.full of life.pretty.spirited. Just Diana.
Everything a girl could want as a sister.
Except sometimes.....I get a little too hyper!!!!!!!
I love writing and sometimes I'm kinda weird!!!! When I write I like to create imagery and be as creative as can be!!! And a lot of times if I'm into a really good topic....I write too much. My motto is live life like there is no tomorrow because there might not be so why not live life and be as crazy as can be?!?! And hopefully when you read my writing,you'll really see things like I do........♥☺♥
I've been on planet Earth 12 whole years....and I will be on it 100 years more....hopefully!!!!!!!!!!

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